Satisfaction and community

We strive to promote a sense of community within the company. This year in particular, as we leave a long period of restrictions on social contact, we have organized a range of activities both large and small to stimulate a sense of belonging.

The need for efficient internal communication has also become even clearer, and we have embarked upon a number of projects to reinforce this. Here are a few examples.


In our flavor operations, we have published more news items over the year, on a screen at the factory entrances, and on our CuLyNet intranet. We have focused on four themes during the year:

Understanding of our business and organization, and acceptance of our processes and employee roles in them. Cohesion and loyalty. How we work systematically together to promote quality and safety. The products we sell and our customers.

Under the last of these, we chose an edible way to highlight our customers and their products. For 10 weeks, the staff restaurant served a Customer Lunch of the Week every Wednesday. The menu of the day was based on food produced by our customers with our products, and information was available on the intranet.

The best thing about LyckebyNYTT is that it includes news from all parts of the company. It’s fun and interesting to get an insight into my colleagues’ work and current projects. And I like the way it’s laid out, with lots of great pictures.
Jessika Kärrdahl
Export Coordinator, Lyckeby

LyckebyNYTT – a newsletter from employee to employee

In 2021, we founded a new internal newsletter, LyckebyNYTT. The newsletter contains photos and articles about what’s going on in the various departments within our starch operations. The newsletter offers every employee the opportunity to talk about events in their daily life. The newsletter has received a great deal of positive feedback and is an informal and fun way of increasing understanding of other people’s roles in the company.