We were delighted when Kockens ground organic Fairtrade black pepper was named Best in Test by consumer choice site Råd och Rön in spring 2022. A test was carried out with both conventional and organic black pepper from different brands, and our product got the best score.

Jennifer Sturesson

Marketing Director, Kockens

Organic, Fairtrade spices

Our ambition is to always choose Fairtrade-certified raw materials where possible. This guarantees the spices have been grown with concern for both the environment and the grower’s social conditions and security. By choosing both organic and Fairtrade we reduce our impact and contribute to a sustainable balance in the world. This year we have launched organic smoked paprika for the Foodservice market.

Spices from across the world

Our spices and other ingredients come from all over the planet, and it’s becoming increasingly important for the consumer to know their origins. So when we redesigned the packaging we made the source of our raw materials more transparent, marking the labels/bags with the country of origin.

We have worked hard to offer even more sustainable packaging and to make it easier for the consumer to make climate-smart choices. And naturally there’s also an even bigger effect when we make changes to our most popular packaging.
Sarah Danielsson
Packaging Developer, Kockens

Kockens’ future-smart packaging solutions

Our packaging design is always based on strict demands for our products to be long lasting through protection against contamination by moisture and dirt, and against impacts during transport and handling. It is also important for the packaging to be functional for the user, easy to open, and easy to use.

Our goal for packaging for the Kockens brand is also to gradually move towards a reduced climate impact, and for it to be possible to recover the materials in all Kockens packaging by 2025.

In recent years, we have reviewed the Kockens packaging and carried out many improvements. Without compromising on our basic requirements, we aim to reduce the quantity of packaging material or transition to fossil-free materials. This is an important aspect in further reinforcing our positioning as the green brand.

Kockens’ PET container – now made from 100% recycled plastic

The medium Kockens plastic container has also undergone a major change this year. Our PET container is now made from 100% recycled plastic. This step towards circularity results in a reduction in plastic use of approximately 15 tonnes per year.

If the container is then sorted as described on the packaging, i.e. as plastic packaging, the container will be recycled and turned into new packaging, as it is 100% recyclable.

The transition to a circular flow is important and all actors in the food industry must take the responsibility for reducing the climate impact of packaging.

2025 Plastic Initiative

The Kockens brand is a member of DLF’s “2025 Plastic Initiative”. This means that, with colleagues within the food industry, we strive to push development towards the circular economy in accordance with the EU commission’s launch of “A European strategy for plastics in a circular economy” in January 2018. The aim of the initiative is that by 2025 it will be possible for the plastic packaging placed on the market by members, and which is covered by producer responsibility legislation, to be reused in new products.