News! Our starch now has an emission factor

Emission factor for our customers’ climate calculations

Customers and consumers increasingly demand information about the carbon footprint of different products, and standardization of this area is continuing. We strive to meet our customers’ needs for information about our products.

During the past year, we have calculated the specific carbon footprint in accordance with ISO 14067 for our products for the paper industry and as part of that also for native starch and for the by-products fiber, concentrate, and protein. The purpose of the calculation is to give our customers the knowledge they need to calculate carbon footprints in the next link of the chain, both for products and organizations. The calculations include all parts of the carbon footprint up to the point at which the starch leaves our facility (cradle-to-gate) but we also give our customers information to allow them to include the transport in the calculations.

The cradle-to-gate carbon footprint for the Swedish-produced starch we supply to the paper industry is 0.35 kg Co2e/kg starch, based on data for 2022, and exactly as for our production in total, the vast majority comes from cultivation of potatoes and production of the chemicals used in processing. This means that the same measures to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint will also reduce the emissions factor for the product we deliver to the customer.

Distribution of carbon footprint (cradle-to-gate) for our Swedish-produced starch to the paper industry, based on data for 2022. In total, the carbon footprint is 0.35 kg CO2e/kg starch.