Conscious sustainable development

To guarantee a sustainable working method and create efficiency throughout our value chain, we feel it’s important for all employees of our company to have basic knowledge of sustainable development and future challenges, both for our own operations and those of our customers.

We fully accept that we can constantly improve our promotion of this awareness, and that this is a gradual process. Our future goals include including sustainability information as part of our induction program for new employees, and improving our employees’ access to ongoing information about our sustainability work via information and articles on our intranet.

Breakfast – a great way to get to know our customers’ products

It’s fundamental to Lyckeby’s strategic focus that we are always close to our customers. We are an important supplier to the food industry, and we want our employees to be truly aware that every day they produce ingredients for food. So over the year we have organized breakfasts, coffee breaks, and lunches where employees get to try out foods made using our products.

At breakfast we have served yogurt, gluten-free bread, sandwich meat, vegan “cheese”, fruit drinks and fruit creams, while lunches have included soups, pies, fries with meatballs, veggie burgers, sausages, ketchup, mustard, and various sauces. Information was provided with each meal about the ingredients we had produced, and the function they performed in the product.