Biodiversity around the Nöbbelöv factory

Our factory in Nöbbelöv is surrounded by approximately 35 acres of high conservation value grazing land, which is classified as a habitat protection area.

In a 2017 inventory, at least 100 growing sites were found with more than 3,500 specimens of the rare Helichrysum arenarium. The bare sand that this species prefers also favors other species such as Breckland thyme, Anthericum ramosum, and insects such as Hymenoptera, beetles, and butterflies.


As a result of this inventory, we have therefore created a maintenance plan to ensure these areas continue to contribute to local biodiversity, even following the construction of our planned new facilities. New areas of bare sand will be created, a stone wall affected by the alterations will be rebuilt, and deciduous trees removed for a road will be replaced by new trees in the factory area.