Production unit

Horažďovice, Czech Republic

Amylex: We receive starch potatoes from our local growers and process them into native potato starch and protein in our starch operations. Some of the native starch is further processed into dextrin for use in the food and technical industries.

Culinar: In our flavor operations, purchased raw materials are mixed with ingredients from our starch operations to make dry food ingredients.

Number of employees

75 + 58 permanent employees.

In addition to these production units, Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter has subsidiaries in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Czechia, and China.**

*In addition to the permanent employees, every year we employ seasonal workers in our starch operations, who normally work from September to January – the period during which our factories receive potatoes and produce native starch.

**Overseas subsidiaries are not included in this year’s report. We intend to include these in future sustainability reports.