We blend spices with other ingredients to create products that simplify customer logistics.

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Our flavor operations

At Culinar, we blend spices from all over the world with other functional ingredients (including Lyckeby’s potato starch) to create ready-to-use flavor and texture ingredients for the food industry. Our role in the value chain is to simplify and streamline logistics and blending in the customer’s end process.

Contributing support and knowledge within applications such as snacks, meat and deli, bakery, etc., is an important part of our business. Here we collaborate closely with the customer so the consumer receives a good end product. As well as application knowledge, we also optimize packaging and manufacturing to minimize waste and simplify handling of ingredients by the customer.

At Culinar, we also create products that are sold directly to the consumer and to the catering industry via Kockens.


Culinar Sverige AB and Lyckeby Culinar A.S. offer a wide range of spices, other ingredients, and unique blends to the food industry in Europe under the Culinar brand.


Kockens AB creates products targeted at consumers, restaurants, and catering in Sweden under the Kockens brand. The product range consists of dried herbs and spices, potato starch, and gluten-free flour.

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