Culinar We develop the products of the future today Culinar targets the needs of the future Together with our customers, we develop the products of the future today. Our range of products and services includes development in flavoring and functionality, where our dedicated product developers bring their deep knowledge to bear, helping customers launch new, […]


Solam News! Our starch now has an emission factor Emission factor for our customers’ climate calculations Customers and consumers increasingly demand information about the carbon footprint of different products, and standardization of this area is continuing. We strive to meet our customers’ needs for information about our products. During the past year, we have calculated […]


Lyckeby Development of the starches of the future The functional food starches of the future The overarching focus of development work at Lyckeby is on developing products, processes, and concepts that will contribute to our sustainable development. This involves creating new starch products manufactured with lower energy and chemical inputs, and which contribute to creating […]


Kockens News! Rainforest Alliance certified black pepper We are proud to be the first brand to introduce Rainforest Alliance certification for all of our conventional black pepper. This is a step in the right direction in improving our products and our range from a sustainability perspective. Josefin Sohl Senior Brand Manager, Kockens Organic, Fairtrade spices […]